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Case CX210B excavator

Purchased October 2008. The macine is equipped with:
Several shovels including "tiltshovel" & "claw for tearing down houses"
Also equipped with Mikrofyn™
machinecontrolsystem more
Datasheet here


Manitou 180 ATJ Accesplatform

Purchased September 2008. Platform is distinguished mainly by a strong chassis with a clearance of 42 cm. Ground clearance means it can easily be used in soft soil. A driving characteristic which is reinforced by several other advantages. Among them is that platform have large 18 inch wheels.
The accesplatfor also has crab management. That is, the lift can control all four wheels. At the same time it is equipped with a bearing shuttle axle. This means that the underbody is moving in relation to the terrain - virtually no matter how bumpy it may be.
See data sheet here


Sandblasting equipment

Fits compressor below


4 Transportable Compressor

Atlas Copco compressors have set the standard for reliability and performance within the air industry. The machine has low noise and high reliability.

Fuel: Diesel.
Capacity: 9.000 ltr./min.
Weight: 1825 kg.


Trailer with display

We also have a Semi-Trailer standing it is appropriate for Tractorpulling events. The trailer is equipped with laser measuring equipment and a giant 10-digit display where you have the opportunity to write pulled distance and messages of various kinds. Many opportunities to let the text run, sliding in from the top / bottom, etc. Call for more details.
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Industrial vacuum cleaner

Mobile industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for suction of large quantities of dust-filled
material and gravel. Cleaner comes with
manual discharge valve.


Rent a flag

Furthermore, we have 6 Concrete rounds each fitted with 3 poles and flags.
And 20 flagpoles on spears
and a total of 38 danish flags for any festive occasion


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